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    Please read the RULES


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    Please read the RULES Empty Please read the RULES

    Post by prince910 on Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:44 am

    Please read the following rules so you wont be ban

    1.General rules
    a.Do not spam.
    b.Do not bump a 1 week old topic.
    c.Do not make a double account.
    d.Do not post a topic with another language,always use english
    e.Do not post any pornographic or any R18+.
    f.Post in appropriate section or else it will be move in another section.
    g.Do not make a big signature.
    h.Dont act like a Staff.
    i.Respect staffs.
    j.Respect members too even they are beginners.

    2.Chat rules.
    a.Do not spam.
    b.Do not post big images,link them.

    More rules will be added Smile king afro

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